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The Pee Rag

Accessorize the pack with a pee rag.
Accessorize the pack with a pee rag.

I’ve heard a lot about pee rags from other hiker girls, but I have always thought the concept was kind of gross. I’ve been putting off trying it until recently, and now I think I will always use one in the future.

Pee rags are pretty simple: just use a bandana to dry yourself after you pee, then hang it off your pack to dry in the sun. I’ve read that the sun sterilizes the pee, but I haven’t actually found any scientific sources backing that up, so who knows?

Why should you give the pee rag a try?

  • Less smells. You will probably start to smell like pee after a few days of only drip drying. Try a pee rag, and you won’t smell as bad.
  • Reduce chafing. I find that I chafe more when there’s extra moisture between my thighs or butt cheeks (TMI?). I don’t get chafing nearly as frequently when I use a pee rag.
  • Comfort. Because feeling damp after peeing is uncomfortable.
  • Easy to clean. Just throw the pee rag in with the rest of your laundry.


  • The pee rag gets pretty gross looking if you go too long without washing it.
  • You have to be extra cautious not to brush up against anybody when your pee rag is dangling off of your pack. The boys I was hiking with were particularly horrified of the pee rag concept.
  • Be careful of prickly plants. I was hiking the the high desert region of Colorado, and I had cactus prickers all over my clothing. I became pretty paranoid of getting cactus prickers in my pee rag.

Give it a try and your hiking life will be slightly easier.

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