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Husavik, Iceland

Northern Iceland Winter Road Trip

After our drive through the East Fjords, Gareth and I began our journey into Northern Iceland. From Egilsstadir, the Ring Road brought us inland. We were no longer driving in and out of fjords, but...

The East Fjords, Iceland Winter Road Trip

After finishing up our drive along the Southern Coast of Iceland, we headed into the East Fjords, Iceland. I was excited for this part of the country because we were really starting to not see as...

dog-friendly hikes in the bend oregon area

Dog-Friendly Hikes near Bend, Oregon

I’ve been living in Bend, Oregon for almost a year now. I adopted my dog around the same time that I moved here, so together we have been enjoying hiking the local trails. Luckily for us, Bend has...

hiking through chamberlain basin

Chamberlain Basin Hike: Stanley, Idaho

In my quest to hike more trails in the White Clouds, I decided to do an overnight to Chamberlain Basin. While I had set off for other hikes from Fourth of July Trailhead before, I had never taken the...

Wildflowers at boulder chain lakes

Boulder Chain Lakes: White Clouds, Idaho

After having spent all of my backpacking trips last summer in the Sawtooth Mountains, I was eager to branch out a bit this summer and visit the White Cloud Mountains. I had read about the Boulder...