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Husavik, Iceland

Northern Iceland Winter Road Trip

After our drive through the East Fjords, Gareth and I began our journey into Northern Iceland. From Egilsstadir, the Ring Road brought us inland. We were no longer driving in and out of fjords, but...

dog-friendly hikes in the bend oregon area

Dog-Friendly Hikes near Bend, Oregon

I’ve been living in Bend, Oregon for almost a year now. I adopted my dog around the same time that I moved here, so together we have been enjoying hiking the local trails. Luckily for us, Bend has...

hiking through chamberlain basin

Chamberlain Basin Hike: Stanley, Idaho

In my quest to hike more trails in the White Clouds, I decided to do an overnight to Chamberlain Basin. While I had set off for other hikes from Fourth of July Trailhead before, I had never taken the...

Wildflowers at boulder chain lakes

Boulder Chain Lakes: White Clouds, Idaho

After having spent all of my backpacking trips last summer in the Sawtooth Mountains, I was eager to branch out a bit this summer and visit the White Cloud Mountains. I had read about the Boulder...