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A glowing tent under the stars on the Jebel Sahro Circuit in Morocco's Atlas Mountains.

Trekking in Morocco: Jebel Sahro Circuit

Checking out a canyon on the Jebel Sahro Circuit. Trekking Morocco’s Jebel Sahro Circuit After climbing Mount Toubkal, Morocco’s highest peak, I wanted to get off the beaten track a bit and do...

Trekking Mount Toubkal in the wintertime.

Hiking Morocco: The Mount Toubkal Trek

The Mount Toubkal Trek This past February, I did the Mount Toubkal trek in Morocco. (Clearly I didn’t get enough of hiking on the Camino de Santiago.) This was my first experience in the Atlas...

What Do You Eat?

In case you’re not sure what type of food to bring to the trail, here is a non-exhaustive list of backpacker friendly foods to give you some ideas. These are just my favorites, but you’ll...