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best hiking in stanley idaho

Welcome to Mountains with Megan

a how-to for hikers & travelers

Hi, I'm Megan. I spent a lot of my twenties traveling internationally and long-distance hiking. As I hit my thirties, I was struck with the desire to create a home for myself.

I no longer travel and hike for months on end like I used to. I'm more content at home with my pets and husband, tending to my garden and renovating my house. However, those were formative years of my life and my Mountains With Megan blog is a time capsule of that period.

If you've found your way here, I hope you can still get use of the information I've shared. As for now, I may write a vacation post every now and then, but I'm not actively doing things that are relevant to my blog. Who knows, maybe one day wanderlust will strike again and I'll be back on the road sharing my adventures here.

Recent Posts

Husavik, Iceland

Northern Iceland Winter Road Trip

After our drive through the East Fjords, Gareth and I began our journey into Northern Iceland. From Egilsstadir, the Ring Road brought us inland. We were no longer driving in and out of fjords, but...

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