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Welcome to Mountains with Megan

a how-to for hikers & world travelers

Hi, I'm Megan. I'm a long-distance hiker, blogger, author, and outdoor professional. I travel all over the world (and sometimes stay home in the USA) in search of mountains and trails. I found my love of hiking on the Appalachian Trail back in 2012 and since then have hiked in the Himalayas, the Andes, and a few countries in Europe.

On this blog, I provide information on hiking and backpacking all over the world. Whether you're a first-timer or a thru-hiker, there's something here for you.

Recent Posts

30 Things I Learned by Age 30

I’m branching out of my usual hiking related content today to share with the youngsters out there (can I use that word now that I’m 30?) 30 things I learned by the age of 30. I turned 30...

How To Snowshoe: a Complete Guide

Are you looking for a low key and inexpensive way to get outside during the winter? Or perhaps you don’t want to wait until spring to visit your favorite trails. Then snowshoeing just might be...

Biolite Headlamp 200 Review

The new Biolite Headlamp 200 is light-weight, rechargeable, and as cute as it is functional. Biolite Headlamp 200 Review Biolite is a company that seeks to bring renewable energy both to outdoor...

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