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My New E-Book is Available for Purchase

Last Updated on December 28, 2018 by mountainswithmegan

Hello readers,

This is my e-book cover.
This is my e-book cover.

Thank you all for following me and reading my articles. This blog has grown so much and accumulated more followers than I ever thought it would.

I have two announcements:

1) I spent the winter writing an e-book and it is finally available for purchase on Amazon Kindle. It’s titled “The Appalachian Trail Girl’s Guide: Part Memoir, Part Manifesto”.  Click the link to find it on Amazon and purchase it.

A lot of my family members have told me that they don’t have a Kindle, therefore they thought they couldn’t buy the book. THAT IS NOT THE CASE! You can purchase the book without a Kindle. You need to download the free Kindle app to your phone, tablet, or computer. Then you just buy my book and read it with the Kindle app. It’s as simple as that!

My e-book is partially a guide to preparing and hiking the Appalachian Trail, and it is partially my memoir of my own hiking experience. There’s lots of great info in the book that is not on this blog. I also outline my favorite spots in each state, the best section hikes in each state, and I have plenty of awesome photos from the trail. The book (like this blog) is written with women in mind, but men will still benefit from plenty of the information.

(Side note: If anyone buys it today, you may see a different name listed as the author. I accidentally listed my illustrator as the author when I was uploading it and it takes awhile for Amazon to change it.)

2) My second announcement is that my mom and I are going to be spending the next six weeks riding our bikes down the Pacific Coast from Vancouver to Tijuana. It’s a 1,700 mile bike ride, and it should have amazing scenery. If you would like to follow us, you can “like” our Facebook page where we will be posting photos: Megan and Melissa Bike the Pacific Coast. I will also be, hopefully, blogging regularly at www.maxwellsbike.wordpress.com.

When I get back, I will be expanding this blog to include information on bike touring! Don’t worry though, I still have plenty to say about the Appalachian Trail. I’ll still be writing articles about the trail.

Sadly, I will not be able to blog on AT Girl for the next six weeks, but you can all buy a copy of my e-book to tide yourselves over.

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