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Gear Review & Giveaway: Têra Kaia Basewear Sports Bra

Last Updated on December 20, 2019 by mountainswithmegan

A couple months ago, Têra Kaia Basewear reached out to me to see if I would consider testing out one of their sports bras. I don’t usually accept too many offers to review things because I don’t like to feel like I’m advertising gear to you guys. However, I clicked around Têra Kaia’s website a bit and watched their video and was promptly convinced that I needed to test out their sports bra.

First Impression of the Têra Kaia Bra

I tested out the low cut, Neptune blue bra in size medium. I typically wear a 36 C bra.

At first glance, I was impressed by how the bra looked and the options for colors. The colors are all appealing. Most of them are feminine, but not in a pastel vomit kind of way. I went with Neptune blue, which also reverses into black.

There are two options for the cut of it, low cut and high cut. Low cut is for smaller boobs or low impact sports. The high cut style is for bigger cup sizes or more high impact sports where everything needs to stay in place.

I picked the low cut because I liked how it looked, and I rarely do high intensity activities. I prefer slow paced outdoor activities.

Another huge selling point for this bra is that it doubles as a bikini top. The strappy back and flattering cut make it perfect for going sans shirt.

Testing it Out

I’ve been wearing this bra for two months now. I wore it backpacking and hot spring soaking in Oregon. It came along on a trip to Mexico where I went swimming in cenotes and laid on the beach. I’ve used it for snowshoeing and snowboarding in Utah. And I’ve also just worn it as my comfy hanging around the house bra.

The bra fits nicely and is flattering. It makes a cute bikini top, and I’ve received lots of compliments from my friends when I wear it. In terms of wearing it while doing sports, it works great. I was worried that my boobs would bounce out of it since it’s low cut, but that hasn’t been the case. Everything stays in place while I’m snowboarding, swimming, and doing yoga.

Another concern I had was that all the criss cross straps on the back would get tangled or need adjusted frequently. This didn’t end up being a problem at all. I pull the bra on and all the straps stay right where they belong. No adjusting or asking my roommates to untangle me necessary.

There hasn’t been any signs of wear after wearing the bra in ocean salt water, hot spring sulfur water, and washing it frequently. The color is still as vibrant as when I first got it, and the material has held up strong. This bra has proven itself to be durable.

Final Thoughts

soaking in a cenote in Mexico

Like I said, I’m wearing a size medium, low cut Têra Kaia bra. It fits well for my usual 36 C size. However, if my boobs were a little bigger or if I was into high intensity sports like running, I would probably do a high cut style. I would likely order one size up if I only wanted to wear it as a cozy bra or bikini top.

The price tag is a little high for a bra. I do think it’s worth the extra money though since it’s better than the average sports bra, and we all know good bras are hard to find. Additionally, it’s durable for a long time, and it’s versatile in that the colors are reversible and it doubles as a bikini.

I would say it’s the only sports bra you need, but I love it so much I’m already eyeing the Têra Kaia Mars red style. So maybe I will need more than one.


Têra Kaia has agreed to giveaway one of their bras to a Mountains With Megan reader. To enter, head over to my Instagram. Follow me and follow Têra Kaia. Then tag a buddy in the comments. That’s it! I’ll run the giveaway until 12/26/19. Here’s the link to the giveaway.

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