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Clothes For the Appalachian Trail

Last Updated on December 28, 2018 by mountainswithmegan


When choosing clothes for the trail, try to be as selective as possible.  You don’t want to have too many articles of clothing, but you want them to be sufficient.  The clothes you have with you will vary, depending on the time of year.

Clothes For the Whole Hike

•A rain jacket.  It will not only keep you dry, but it will keep you warm on chilly evenings.

•A synthetic tee-shirt.

•2-3 pairs of thin, wool socks.

•A pair of pants.  I liked having a capri-length pair of yoga pants because I could hike in them or wear them in camp.  They were comfy and light-weight.

•A pair of shorts.  Spandex are light-weight.
A running skirt with built-in shorts is also a good option.

•A sports bra.

Cold Weather Clothes

•An extra jacket.  Fleece is the less expensive option, but it doesn’t compress very well.
Down or synthetic filled jackets are the more ideal, but pricey option.

•A long-sleeve shirt. Columbia has a line of Omni-Heat shirts that reflect your body heat back at you. They’re awesome, but pricey.
Lots of sports clothing brands have a Dry-Fit line.

•A pair of long-johns or running pants to keep you warm at night.

•An extra pair of socks. You won’t want to sleep in wet socks that you hiked in.

•A beanie hat.

Summer Clothes

•A synethetic tank top.

•An extra pair of shorts.

•A headband to keep your sweaty hair off your sweaty face. I like the Buff headbands.

Optional Clothes

•A flannel shirt to sleep in.

•A pair of cotton boxers to sleep in. If you get chafing, having cotton to wear will help dry it out.

•A pair of thick, wool camp socks.

•A hiking dress. You can eliminate a pair of shorts and tank top from your clothing collection.

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