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Mountains of Montenegro: Kotor and Durmitor National Park

Outdoor Retailers Lack of Plus-Size Options

It seems like I’m constantly hearing talk about how the outdoor industry doesn’t do a good enough job producing women’s gear, such as in this Appalachian Trials article. Or more particularly, the women’s gear they do produce primarily comes in colors like bright...

The Best Underwear for Outdoor Sports

  Thank you readers for patiently awaiting my return. I just finished my Pacific Coast bike ride from Canada to Mexico (more on that later) and I’m happy to be back and blogging. I hope you all bought a copy of my new ebook, and if you didn’t then you should. While...

How To (or Not To) Ford a River

When you enter the great state of Maine, you’ll notice that they’ve stopped building bridges over rivers and streams. It’s important to know how to cross a river, and which rivers are too dangerous to cross. One night I was staying in a shelter in Maine. The rain poured...