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Great Himalaya Trail Preparations and Gear

Last Updated on May 17, 2019 by mountainswithmegan

The countdown is on. There’s 31 days until I depart for Nepal to start the Great Himalaya Trail. Right now, I’m finishing up my last month of work and sorting out details for the first leg of the hike.

What I’m Doing to Prepare:

  • I’m leaving my job as a wilderness therapy guide in Southwest Utah. I’ve been here for over a year, which is the longest time I’ve been satisfied with a job pretty much ever. I adore Utah, so it’s pretty likely that I’ll come back after this hike.
  • I’m working with a trekking agency, Adventure Mountain Club, to sort out our trekking permits and guides in regions where we can’t hike alone. They were recommended to me by Robin Boustead, who wrote the GHT guidebook. So far it seems like they charge reasonable prices.
  • Figuring out my budget. From my last trip to Nepal, I know that having a budget of $1000 a month is a safe bet, and with careful spending I’ll have money left over. Due to guides being required in Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, and Dolpa this would put me over budget for a few sections of the hike. Which leads to my next personal debate…
  • Will we hike the high route through the regions where guides are required or take the low route on our own? My hiking partner Buckey is stoked on Dolpa, so we will definitely get our butts on the high route for that region. I’m stoked on our first destination, Kanchenjunga, but not sure if I want to start my trip by blowing my budget for the month or hop on the low route instead.
  • So much gear planning. Due to carrying extra stuff, my pack won’t be as ultra-light as I’m accustomed to. However, my base weight is currently only 12 pounds, which is awesome. I think once I get all the last minute small items packed away I can add an extra pound or two to that base weight.

Speaking of gear, here’s my

Great Himalaya Trail Gear List:

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