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Hiking in the Accursed Mountains of AlbaniaHiking in the Accursed Mountains of Albania

Hiking in Albania’s Accursed Mountains

After departing from Romania, the next destination I planned to visit was Albania’s Accursed Mountains. Of course, Romania and Albania are far apart. I decided to break the trip up by staying in Sofia, Bulgaria for a few days. Well, actually I only wanted to stay one day, but it...

One week of travel in Romania: Bucharest, Brasov, and Beyond.One week of travel in Romania: Bucharest, Brasov, and Beyond.

Romania Travel: Bucharest, Brasov, and Beyond

I had never considered Romania as a travel destination until I was searching for a cheap flight to Eastern Europe. My plan was to visit a few Balkan countries that are known to have particularly good mountains (I’m so predictable, I know). Flying into the capital city of Bucharest was the...

Rock Climbing and Relaxing in Railay, Thailand

One of the main things that draws outdoor enthusiasts to Railay, Thailand is the rock climbing and beaches. After finishing the Great Himalaya Trail a few weeks ago, I really just wanted to keep traveling and relax… But not relax too much, since I pretty much have to be able to do...